Definitions :-

The following words used in Marketing Plan shall have the meaning as defined as under;


Business Volume (B.V.) :

It is the value of a product on which the Sales Incentive is calculated. It can be seen on company’s website. The B.V. of product may be equivalent to selling price or different as may be declared by the company from time to time. Business Volume can also be changed from time to time by the company.


Main leg (Group) and other leg / Legs (Group)
There is two legs (Group) of Direct Seller. BV will be calculated matching team business from both legs (groups).


Calculation of Sales Incentive on Difference Basis

Net Sales Incentive of a Direct Seller is calculated by deducting Sales Incentive of downline group from Sales Incentive of total group. This can be termed as calculation on difference basis. The Sales Incentive relates to the Direct Seller who becomes disqualified for any reason for Sales Incentive, shall not be excluded for calculate of Sales Incentive payable to other Direct Sellers on difference basis


Just immediate up line of new applicant termed as a sponsor.


Franchise is to distribute product into market. They has small amount of stock has to be carry.


How to become Direct Seller:-
Application form for becoming Direct Seller under proposer of any existing Direct Seller has to be submitted through internet and a print out of the same has to be sent to the company Office after signing it by applicant and two witnesses along with the necessary documents.

List of the documents to be submitted along with application form for becoming a Direct Seller.
  • Two Passport size coloured photograph (Mention Applicant Name & Father/Husband Name on Back Side).
  • Self-attested photocopy of any of the following documents for photo identification.
    • Passport (Valid)
    • PAN Card
    • Voter’s Identity Card
    • Driving License (Valid)
    • Written confirmation from the banks certifying identity proof
    • Domicile certificate with communication address and photograph
    • Central/State Government certified ID proof
    • Certification from any of the Authorities mentioned below:
      • PanchayatPradhan
      • Councilor
      • Sarpanch of Gram Panchayat
  • Self-attested Photocopy of any of following documents for address proof:-
    • Telephone bill not older than 6 months
    • Bank account statement not older than 6 months(Attested by Bank)
    • Electricity bill not older than six months
    • Ration card
    • Passport (Valid)
    • Driving License (Valid)
    • Voter’s Identity Card
    • Written confirmation from the banks (Attested by Bank)
    • Lease agreement along with rent receipt not older than 3 months
    • Current employer’s certificate mentioning residence
    • Domicile certificate with communication address and photograph
    • Central/State Government certified Address proof.

Please note that expired passport cannot be used as address proof, it can be accepted as ID proof.

  • Cancelled original signed cheque which has the name printed of account holder or original Bank statement issued and attested by bank for the proof of Bank Account Number.
  • PhotPhoto copy of PAN Card.

There is no charge for registration as a Direct Seller. After scrutiny of the application form and documents and then the acceptance of applicant as Direct Seller, a Unique/Track ID Number will be given on website. After receiving the ID Number, the Direct Seller has to obtain the ID card by login their personal information on Website.


One Direct Seller can sponsor as many person as he/she desire. Sponsor who is not Direct Seller can sponsor single new person but benefit privileges will be given only after becoming Direct Seller.


How to become Franchise:-
When a direct seller sales product worth Rs. 15000/- and take responsibility to distribute products in the market, becomes franchise. Franchise will get extra margins on every new sale.


Calculation of Sale Incentive:- Sale Incentive will be calculated BV wise paired by both legs. Every Product has different BV.

B.V. Product Amount
1 Super Berry Max Juice 999/-
2 FMCG KIT 1020/-
1 Matching BV = Rs. 1000/-


Carry Forward:-

Remaining Unmatched BV will be transfer for next payout. Max.


PayoutCapping :-

 Direct Seller: – Rs. 1,000/- Per Day.


Additional Benefits:-

All Direct Sellers are automatically entitled to get discount upto 50% on repurchase of products by company.


Deduction :-

TDS/Other Charges as per govt. norms.


Terms & Conditions:-
  • Except abnormal reasons calculation of Sales Incentive shall be completed within 40 days from the last day of the month, for which Sales Incentive is to be calculated.
  • The amount of Sales Incentive will be remitted within in 90 days from the date of calculation of the Sales Incentive. Sales Incentive below Rs. 500 shall be remitted once within one year from the date of first accrual of Sales Incentive.
  • Payment of Sales Incentive shall be made by anyone mode of Banking System (NEFT/RTGS/INTER BANKING TRANSFER). For this, it is mandatory to give correct bank account number and IFSC detail by Direct Seller.
  • If Direct Seller does not receive payment due to non compliance of rules of Direct Selling by Direct Seller or by any other reason created by Direct Seller, then complete responsibility for delay/ non payment will be of Direct Seller
  • If any defect is found in any of the Deal Grant Products purchased, then the same can be returned/ exchanged within 30 days from the date of purchase. The returned product must be supported with Bill of purchase and such product should not be damaged from any angle. The purchaser should ensure that condition of the product should be similar to the condition which was prevailed at the time of purchases.